Granite – A fitting tribute

For centuries, civilized societies have chosen granite when creating memorials to honor beloved family members. Even now, when we visit historical cemeteries, we are touched by the personal remembrances often engraved on granite headstones and monuments. Today your family will be making a decision on a memorial to honor the memory of someone loved and respected. This is a very personal choice, and why so many families select a granite me3 Womenmorial. Granite is a fitting tribute that will endure for generations to come.

A life not forgotten

When we lose someone dear to us, we try to find ways to keep that person alive in our hearts. That is why memories become so precious and a grave site memorial so important. Once the service is completed and the casket at rest, a granite memorial becomes the only symbol of a life not forgotten.


Granite lasts forever....

Granite is among the world’s most beautiful and prestigious natural stones. For hundreds of years, artisans have chosen granite for impressive public memorials and religious works of art. Craftsmen have always known that granite is one of the earth’s hardest minerals. It has a durability rating of 7, close to a diamond’s rating of 10. Marble, although beautiful, is relatively soft with a rating of only 3. Over time, marble will deteriorate, while granite lasts forever.

....And becomes more beautiful over time

Because granite is one of the earth’s most durable natural materials, it withstands the elements, unlike marble or bronze. Many memorial parks in damp climates will not permit marble, and families that choose bronze soon discover that it tarnishes.Granite always looks beautiful, especially if a little care is given.



Creating a personal memorial

Many families select granite because they can personalize the memorial. Unlike bronze, granite is a canvas upon which your thoughts or inspirations can be carved for eternity. Special tributes, including military service, religious or civic affiliations, personal achievements, family geneaology or unique artistic designs can be carved into granite. It is an impressive way to celebrate your family heritage. The inserts in this brochure show the dramatic range of styles available to you.Vellum

Carved by skilled artisans

Granite monuments from Honor Life Memorials are created by highly-skilled artisans using the latest stonework technology and carving techniques. Honor Life Memorials are available as upright or in-ground monuments. Both styles are popular, however, it depends upon the cemetery which is offered.


The prestigious value of graniteHand

Like quality gemstones, granite has an intrinsic natural value, depending on color and place of origin. The most highly-prized granites, Blue Pearl, Mahogany and Ebony, are imported from quarries in Europe, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world. Many families prefer Ebony because detailed family photos can be etched into the black granite and enjoyed for generations to come. Granite is also ideal for gold leaf inlay, an impressive way to create a unique and beautiful memorial.


Pre-need arrangements

More individuals are deciding to make funeral arrangements before need. This is an ideal opportunity to select the granite memorial that reflects your personal wishes, and to arrange for specially-carved designs. Your pre-need professional can assist you with this important decision.

The Honor Life Memorials’ Guarantee

All granite monuments from Honor Life Memorials are guaranteed free from defects in the stone or workmanship. This guarantee ensures that your memorial will look as beautiful 100 years from now as it does today. Honor Life Memorials offers a fine selection of lustrous granite colors (shown below).

Blue Pearl
Serenity Red
Imperial Grey










































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